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CEO Coaching

Phase I: Assessment
  • Consultant will perform extensive interviews with 5-8 outside Board members
  • OPTION:  collection of feedback from up to 10 executive team members or others
  • (2) 90-minute assessment sessions with client
  • Use one or more assessment instruments
    • Benchmarks
    • Birkman
    • Career Architect
    • Myers-Briggs
    • Profilor
    • Learning Agility
    • Leadership Values Sort
    • Other
Phase II: Development Planning
  • Detailed written summary of feedback interview data 
  • Consultant will interpret and give feedback to client from formal assessment and interviews
  • Completion of Development Plan with client tying leadership goals to business needs, such as scaling the orgaination, cultural change, etc.
  • If appropriate, Development Plan session with select Board member(s)
  • Final session with client to review Development Plan

Phase III: Coaching Sessions

  • Private Coaching sessions (face-to-face, phone, videoconferencing, etc.) over a 6 to 12 month period
  • "Phone coaching" as appropriate, in between sessions
  • "Shadowing" and/or videotaping of client
  • Use of Behavioral Contracts and assignments between sessions
  • Final meeting with client
  • Written summary of progress prepared by consultant
  • Original Harvard Business Review articles and other resources given to clients

Phase IV: Other Activities

  • Completion of interim feedback collection if appropriate (3 to 6 interviews)
  • "Check-in" with select Board members if appropriate
  • On going communication with HR personnel if appropriate
  • Evaluation of coaching progress relative to business goals
Phase V: Follow-Up
  • One follow-up meeting scheduled 4-8 weeks after completion of coaching process
  • Development of detailed "Maintenance" Plan to sustain progress

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