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Choices is a training program for high-achieving women with choices and challenges. It involves 5 total days of consulting work. A self-assessment will be performed as well as an analysis of the workplace.

A full analysis is part of this training program. The individual will be involved in looking at her personal leadership, workplace leadership and there will also be an analysis of the workplace.

When looking at personal leadership, the following may be involved:

  • Meyers-Briggs
  • FIRO-B
  • Herman Brain Dominance Profile
  • Individual interviews with 1-3 raters from outside the workplace (optional)
  • Identification of most difficult current choices and dilemmas

In terms of workplace leadership:

  • Benchmarks, Career Architect, and/or Learning Agility
  • Customized leadership competency 360 instrument

Workplace Analysis

  • Analysis of the workplace in terms of diversity, gender awareness and use of best practices to develop women

After these analyses are completed, other topics are discussed in terms of how to deal with the many choices and challenges faced as a woman in a high-achieving role.

  • Managing the Third Shift
  • Managing the Identity Challenge
  • Managing the Task Challenge

Finally, some different exercises and activities are discussed.

Exercises and Activities:

  • Career balance sheet
  • Leadership style analysis and development
  • Gender "baggage"
  • Leadership legacy in current job
  • Burnout analysis/breakaway strategies
  • Articulation of one's "life work"
  • Superwoman syndrome
  • Competing as a woman

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