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HR 360 Plus Coaching Process

Session 1: Feedback Delivery

  • Deliver feedback to executive with internal coach present
  • Help executive understand and "own" feedback

Session 2: Personalized Mbti Interpretation

  • Deliver and interpret Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results to executive with internal coach present
  • Tie MBTI profile to leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Team with internal coach for feedback delivery

Session 3: Development Planning

  • Create development plan with consultant and internal coach that focuses on developmental targets connected with concrete business goals in a practical, realistic way
  • Discuss initial learning strategies and resources to achieve desired changes
  • Identify potential barriers to progress

Session 4: Development Session Coordination With Internal Coach

  • Identify role of internal coach in the development process
  • Train internal coach on facilitating development plan session

Session 5: Internal Coach Preparation

  • Train internal coach on strategies for achieving developmental targets
  • Use of EESV, LLC materials and resources

Optional Session: Internal Coach Interim Feedback

  • Interim feedback for internal coach to assess strategy effectiveness and continuing resources and strategies

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