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Insight: A Personal Leadership Coaching Program

Phase I: Developing Personal Insight


  • Developmental influences
  • Defining moments
  • Identifying work/life values
  • Turning points

Sessions and Activities

  • Initial 90 minute session
  • Three 2 hour-coaching sessions
  • Phone calls as appropriate between sessions
  • "A Day in the Life": one full-day of shadowing with debriefing
  • Design of personal reading program to enhance personal insight
  • Assessment tool: Voices, FIRO-B, Learning Style Inventory or other

Phase II: Applying Insight To Your Work And Career


  • Leadership successes
  • Leadership failures
  • Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Job experience and learnings
  • Learnings from best and worst bosses
  • Ideal jobs
  • Going Further: New goals to achieve

Sessions and Activities

  • Three 2-hour coaching sessions
  • Phone calls as appropriate between sessions
  • Measurement of learning outcomes
  • Conversation with boss and/or HR

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