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Integrations and Acquisitions

Based upon decades of experience working closely with senior executives, CEO’s and Boards, ExecutivEdge is uniquely qualified to help organizations achieve business success through their acquisitions.  Our unique “cultural fit” approach helps the acquiring and acquired organizations overcome the challenges that can derail acquisitions.  

Our process involves:

  • Using cultural audits to help organizations anticipate issues and determine success factors
  • Facilitate planning sessions during pre and post diligence periods
  • Work with coalition and integration teams to facilitate progress
  • Develop 30-60-90 day integration plans
  •  Provide guidance and checklists for an effective “Day One”
  • Coaching executives on how to manage critical leadership and organizational issues throughout the acquisition and integration period
  • Provide organizations with feedback along the way to course correct
  • Design a customized “Playbook” to help organizations understand what needs to happen at each stage of the project planning process
  • Help the organization stay focused on the strategy that caused them to implement the acquisition in the first place

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