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In a perfect world, organizations would be able to meet their business goals and conduct all of their activities without the need for external Organizational Development (OD) services. Additional support by external OD professionals can increase the performance of individuals, teams and entire departments during times of change or accelerated activity. The right intervention, the right learning, the right process and the right training can have enormous impact and ROI.

In addition to all of the services described in detail in other parts of our website, ExecutivEdge provides highly customized, experienced support in the following areas:

  • Cultural and Organizational Assessments (qualitative and online)
  • Development of a Shared Organizational Vision, Mission and Values
  • Leadership Development Programs (see Talent Management section of our website)
  • Team Training and Learning Activities using MBTI or other appropriate tools
  • Teambuilding focused upon high-performance and agreed upon “rules of engagement” for under-performing, new or “dysfunctional” teams
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning for teams, departments or the entire enterprise
  • “Cohort” Executive Coaching and 360 Programs (see Executive Coaching section of our website)
  • Change Management to build cross-organizational alignment and new capabilities
  • Organizational Design to improve implementation of new strategies
  • Communication Plans to share direction, programs or new requirements throughout an organization
  • Socials and “Fun” Team Activities (for example, Road Rallies, Scavenger Hunts and Simulations) to celebrate wins or to use alternative avenues for organizational learning

In all areas, ExecutivEdge consultants follow an action learning approach that begins with:

  • Involvement of the appropriate leadership to define the outcomes for success
  • A clear idea of how the issue is tied to achieving tangible business success
  • A prioritization of recommendations that will address the issues needing change
  • Practice in skill building of specific behaviors needed by organizational participants if the needed change and improvement is to occur
  • An assessment appropriate to the purpose, the audience and the organizational budget
  • A simple process to review and measure whether the desired changes occurred
  • Follow-up plans to sustain progress in moving forward
  • Efforts to create “buy-in” from appropriate stakeholder groups

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