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Stepping Up Coaching

Phase I: Assessment

  • Introductory meeting with executive
  • Consultant will perform 5-6 interviews with executive's manager, peers, direct reports, and human resources personnel
  • Use of formal 360 assessment instrument (Voices, Benchmarks, etc.) for evaluation of executive in predetermined core competencies
  • Use of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for executive

Phase II: Development Plan

  • Detailed written summary of feedback interview data given to executive
  • Interpret and provide feedback to client from formal assessment instrument and interviews
  • Formulation and completion of a development plan
  • Review of development plan with boss and/or human resources personnel

Phase III: Coaching Sessions

  • 4 coaching sessions over a 60-90 day period
  • "Phone coaching" in between sessions as appropriate
  • Use of behavioral contracts and assignments between coaching sessions
  • Keep boss and HR personnel informed of progress
  • Written summary of progress prepared by consultant
  • ExecutivEdge resource materials provided to client

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