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Talent Management & Succession Planning

ExecutivEdge successfully partners with both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies across numerous industries to develop cost-effective, customized approaches to Talent Management. This accelerates the readiness of key executives  for larger roles in the organization.

A typical approach to a formal Talent Management process includes the following activities:

  • Work with organizational leader and HR to develop “Executive Profile” and targeted  leadership competencies that become the criteria for success
  • Coach organizational leader to effectively present Succession and Development Planning Process to the organization
  • Provide concrete customized tools to assess high potential talent
  • Attain input and buy-in from organization on Executive Profile
  • Train HR and organizational leaders to hold Talent Review discussions, based upon a formal organizational Talent Audit
  • Guide organization to make tough decisions regarding high potential talent
  • Determine appropriate development strategies and resources for “high potential” talent, as well as for others in the organization
  • Conduct focused 360 assessment (customizing the approach according to the Executive Profile) and development planning with team members; provide internal or external coaches for key high potential executives
  • Identify potential successors for key positions
  • Align other processes and organizational tools to the Executive Profile and Development Planning process (for example, Executive Review, etc.)
  • Identify key leadership experiences critical in developing top talent
  • If desirable, work with organizational leader and HR to develop a Mentoring Program for targeted participants*
  • Implement Mentoring Program with a training kick-off session for mentors and mentees

      * See Women’s Leadership & Retention section of EESV website


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