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Executive Coaching and 360 Online Assessments

Executive Coaching has been a “hallmark” capability of ExecutivEdge since 1997. Coaching involves work with an individual executive, but can also be implemented as cost-effective “cohort coaching” with a team of executives and/or direct reports. Coaching can focus upon general leadership growth, rotations to a new assignment, on-boarding in a new company, skill-building in Executive Presence, or Strategic Leadership to provide new Insights around career needs.

Our Executive Coaching process incorporates many unique features:

  • Customized assessments involving qualitative and quantitative methods
  • On-line assessment capability using Lominger’s Voices or other similar tools
  • Customized leadership tools developed by ExecutivEdge to help the executive apply and learn specific skills
    • Customized Tools Include:
      • Personal Assessment Tool
      • Vision Toolbox
      • Job Success Profile
      • Am I A Team Player Checklist
      • Connect Cards
      • Executive Presence
      • Emotional Intelligence Assement
  • Development Plans that quantify and connect goals to concrete business outcomes
  • Immersion options to help executives “jump start” the coaching process
  • Ongoing “check-ins” with Boss and HR to monitor progress
  • Maintenance plans to sustain progress beyond coaching
  • For a cost-effective approach to larger groups or executives
  • 360 Plus” programs are available to executives, or Stepping Up Coaching
    • A 360 plus program can be designed to give executives “quick” feedback and concrete developmental goals to work on.
    • This program generally involves 3 or 4 sessions and includes:
      • Online 360 assessment
      • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or other equivalent tool
      • Feedback Session
      • Development Plan
      • Review of Development Plan with Boss and HR
      • A “pass off” plan to help HR sustain feedback process
  • We also offer Insights, a coaching program inclusively focused upon an executive's personal growth and individual needs.

Coaching Programs of different intensity are available for all organizational needs and budgets.

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